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5 Items You Need to Pack For a City Break

jeans, mens joggers

With city breaks ever increasing in popularity, mastering the art of packing can be tricky. Ensuring you’ve got everything you need, whilst also keeping it stylish, whilst also packing light and keeping it manageable, is something few accomplish. Here’s 5 items that you actually, definitely, need to pack for that next city break.

  1. Mens Joggers

The first day of your trip will inevitably involve travel, whether this involves car journeys, train journeys, coach journeys, or just flights, or all of the above, comfort will be key. Queue,BOY London to the rescue, the original birthplace of the Skinny Joggers their huge range ensures there is something for every guy’s style. As luxury sportswear has massively been developed and popularised over the last few years, many are embracing this look, meaning your comfies don’t need to compromise on style, creating an on trend, relaxed day wear look.

  1. Trainers

Shoes4 Spring/Summer Footwear Styles You Need. Read more ... » take up valuable space, so it’s vital to nail your footwearStylish Women Spring Summer 2013 Collection by Barira. Read more ... » choices. Trainers are a no brainer really, as comfy shoes and pavement pounding, go hand in hand. To make sure you’re taking in all those sights in style, a slick, plain, pair will work best to ensure they co-ordinate with your outfits with ease. If you have room for another pair, a loafer shoe works really well, elevating your evening outfits, still being comfortable enough to walk or dance in, depending where the night takes you, whilst also adding an element of stylish smart to your otherwise casual outfit. Check out The Idle Man  for a great range of trainers and loafers4 Spring/Summer Footwear Styles You Need. Read more ... ».

  1. JeansLatest Malbus Spring Wear 2013 for Women. Read more ... »

The fail safe, comfy, trouser staple that looks good in all weathers and all washes. You simply can’t go wrong. Liquor N Poker  are a Brit- based brand with its main focus on all things denim. Channelling their expertise into jeans and jackets they have something for everyone, with light wash the shade of the season, maybe inject some spring/summer denim loving into your wardrobe and take a look at their collection for your next trip away.

  1. Flannel Shirt

 A flannel shirt might just be your new best friend. They fold up small, important for that tight luggage space, don’t always need ironing, again bonus for when you realise your Airbnb doesn’t have an iron, or whether your mum still secretly does yours. Flannel shirtsMen & Women 2013 Forecast Western Wear Summer Collection. Read more ... » are as versatile as it gets. Club, bar, fancy restaurant or whether you’re layering up, or taking it down a notch, it’s important to keep your outfits adaptable to keep up with the changing temps and unpredictable european weather.J.Crew have a strong collection, ensuring even flannel foes will be converted.

  1. Sunglasses

Even if you’re not feeling optimistic about the weather, a good pair of sunglasses can make any outfit. It’s also a well know fact that everyone looks at least 2x better with them on, a bit like the whole suit on a man analogy. As well as giving your self esteem, and street cred some brownie points, sunglasses are perfect for shielding your delicate eyes the morning after you’ve had one too many the night before, and let’s face it, most city breaks include at least one hangover so you might as well ride it out in style. Asos have a great selection, no matter what your budget is, so you can do just that.

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