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5 Fashion Rules That Were Made To Be Broken
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5 Fashion Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

Clashing Patterns, white bomber jacket, Sports Wear, Double Denim

There are plenty of situations and aspects of our lives where we have to follow strict rules and guidelines. It’s safe to say that fashion definitely should not be one of those areas. The whole point in fashion is to be able to express yourself, experiment and have fun. For this reason, we’ve put together a few fashion no no’s that we certainly don’t believe in.


  1. Don’t Wear Clashing Patterns…

 Gone are the days of not being able to wear multiple patterns in one outfit because they don’t ‘match’. Whether you want to wear stripes, polka dots, floral or animal prints, we won’t judge you on your mix of patterns. Try and stick to the same colour palette where possible to tie them together. Not only is this look super acceptable now, but it’s also extremely on trend.


  1. Stay Away From White After Labour Day…

 It’s safe to say that this rule is totally outdated now, so be confident to wear white whenever you want. Although obviously wearing white can work wonders for your tan in the summer, we believe you should be able to wear white all year round. So whether it’s a white bomber jacket, or white skinny jeans, you wear them, and wear them with pride.


  1. Sports Wear Is Only For The Gym…

 It used to be the case that trainers and gym wear were strictly for inside the gym and running errands – not anymore. You can now wear your sneakers and gym gear whenever and wherever you want without anyone batting an eyelid. Active wear has become the norm, meaning you can pair your favorite trainers or tracksuit top with anything and everything.


  1. Double Denim Is A No Go…

Apparently if you wear double denim then you may as well be a cowboy, right? Wrong! Even though this look rejects everything we’ve been taught in the past about putting an outfit together, this previously frowned upon combo is currently all the rage. This trend especially works when pairing different shades of denim together, and gives off a casual yet cool vibe. Just remember not to turn to western culture for inspiration, and always steer away from denm accessories.


  1. Never Wear Black And Brown…

Clearly these two colours are very similar, but that shouldn’t be a reason that they can’t be worn at the same time. This rule was established because black means business, where as brown is far more casual. Despite their bad rep in the past, we think that they look great together. For example, a black leather jacket with a dark chocolate chelsea boot is the perfect combination.

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