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Fast Fashion Tips for The Busy Man

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Because every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man

Billy Gibbons may have said it best when he made the iconic line in Sharp Dressed Man. Yet, with the hustle and bustle of daily life, most people cannot take the time and energy to lay out a fine wardrobe, especially if a wife and kids are involved. As such, men typically take one of two approaches to fashion. Either, one, we disregard fashion all together and just thrown on whatever is clean and has the least number of wrinkles, or (two) we have our wives do it for us. And while this may or may not be your specific view of fashion, the truth is that most men could do with a few quick tips in fashion.

Tip number one: Keep it simple

When it comes to business and business practices, the CEOs will be quick to inform you that the simplest solution is usually the one which has the least amount of potential for failure. The same can be said about a man’s fashion. Trying to get too complex with one’s wardrobe is a quick way to have a fashion nightmare. First, pick an outfit which complements your body shape. Second, choose colors which accent your body tones, meaning the lighter you are the darker your clothes need to be. Third, do not over accessorize. If your suit is minimalistic yet you have a huge wallet or a watch which competes with the ensemble, it is no good. Use a slim wallet when you can and wear a moderately luxurious watch.  It is really that simple.

Tip two: Genuine materials say a great deal

If you compare the outfits of some of the most influential men in America with the average businessman, you will see one major defining difference, and that is the materials. And while I am not saying that you should go out and spend thousands of dollars on a single suit, the materials which one uses does warrant consideration. For example, cotton and wool suits and shirts are fundamentally less luxurious than silks and leathers (though I would highly advise against a leather suit or pants). If you choose to go with a lower grade material, ensure that you do not mix and match the materials too much. Putting a genuine material against a synthetic is very noticeable, so take note.

Get away from the blue jeans

It is an unspoken fact that men love their blue jeans. Just take a look around any busy city or mall and you will see the proof. And that is the problem. For a man who wants to have a bit of fashion, he has to stand out in a good way. Get some slacks or some kakis. If you must have blue jeans, consider going for the urban businessman look by coupling the jeans with a white shirt and a black sports jacket.

Mix modernism with the classics

For some reason there is a presumption that fashion has to be ever evolving and that if you have a certain style that you prefer that it will go outdated. To that I say it is simply not true. Let us take the most simplistic and perhaps the most iconic of all men’s outfits, the white T-Shirt and Blue jeans. James Dean was making that statement as far back as Rebel Without a Cause, and yet even 50+ years later men are still wearing the combination. The point is this. Wear what you are comfortable wearing but do so in style.

If you want to have a bit of a fashion flare consider adding some modernization to the wardrobe. It really does not take a whole lot to do so. First, upgrade your shoes from the standard tennis shoes to leather loafers. Do not go with imitation leather but have some shoes from a leather artisan or at least from a box that says genuine leather upon it. Secondly, have your phone on a belt clip and have a modern phone. It is ok to show it off, you spent hundreds of dollars for it. Third, minimize the wallet. Use a slim wallet which can fit into your jacket pocket. Finally, if you must wear sunglasses get some which are classy, plastic against a suit is just horrible looking.

The bottom line

Men can be fashionable, even when they are busy. It really comes down to committing to how you look. If your time does not allow for you to get up and negotiate what you will wear, lay it out the day before. Where someone else can put the clothes out for you (which personally I have not had done for me since I was in elementary school and figured out how to match clothes), you get a bit more of a personalized touch when you do it personally.

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