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Adhyayan Suman turns medical thriller into comedy-Heartless

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Latest Bollywood news is about the Bollywood young actor. Adhyayan Suman turns medical thriller into comedy. Adhyayan Suman is son of Shekhar Suman He is so talented guy and his 2nd movie Heartless is another hit film. There are a few movies that make you wanna stay in the cinema to watch the complete thing. Then there are several for which you wanna money back of your ticket.

Furthermore, ‘Heartless 2014 movie’ is a emotional thriller which is based on a horrible medical situation called local anesthetic knowledge wherein the unsuccessful anesthesia of a patient leaves him bodily paralyzed but aware during surgical procedure. Adhyayan Suman, who acts as a rich young man, agrees to experience a risky heart relocate after Adhyayan Suman falls for Ria (Ariana Ayam).

Shekhar Suman does very well as both the surgeon in addition to the director of the film. Wish we could speak the similar about Adhyayan Suman along with debutante Ariana Ayam. The songs were not the greatest as tracks, but a few were good in context, by means of the illustrations. Heartless is a great movie which is directed by Bollywood film director Shekhar Suman.

Adhyayan Suman turns medical thriller into comedy-Heartless:

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